Top 10 and Champion Angler

BFFC Annual Top Ten and Champion Angler

The fundamental purpose of the Annual Top Ten and Champion Angler is to engender fun amongst club members. The BFFC will achieve this by fostering friendly competition, stimulating the sharing of information and encouraging club members to target a variety of species on the fly. Scoring is designed so that all Club Members, regardless of access to boats and personal financial means can be competitive in the Champion Angler contest

The Annual Top Ten contest recognizes the biggest fish of the year in each of the following species categories:

  1. Tuna (all),
  2. Saratoga (genus Scleropages),
  3. Snapper (Pagrus auratus),
  4. Trevally (all),
  5. King threadfin (Polydactylus macrochir),
  6. Australian bass (Percalates novemaculeata),
  7. Flathead (genus Platycephalus),
  8. Bream (genus Acanthopagrus),
  9. Cod (genus Maccullochella),
  10. Mangrove jack (Lutjanus argentimaculatus).

The Champion Angler recognises the number and diversity of fish caught throughout the year as well as attendance at BFFC events.

The full rules for 2015 are here – BFFC Top 10 and Champion Angler Rules 2015

Score Sheets are here – BFFC Scorecard 2015